Balandra Beach Adventure

Hike, Kayak & Snorkel in Playa Balandra

Enjoy an incredible excursion to Balandra Beach

La Paz is a paradise full of desertic beaches with crystal waters and fine sand. Of all of them, the famous Balandra Beach is without a doubt the queen of all the beaches in Baja, if not one of the best beaches in Mexico. It’s a protected flora and fauna area and an UNESCO world heritage site since 2012.

With us, you will discover the best kept hidden secrets of this bay: hills, surrounding beaches, and rocky formations that will take your breath away. We will begin with a fun, accesible hike, in the company of a marine biologist, who will guide you through this spectacular place, followed by a lunch and kayaking trip in nearby beaches.


Balandra beach is probably the most popular beach in Baja California Sur. It’s a true paradise and spectacular place that will fulfill the expectations of visitors.

Balandra can be accessed without booking a guided adventure, but beyond the main beach where most travelers get to, there are many sceneries, secrets spots, and amazing views waiting for avid explorers. In this adventure, we will immerse ourselves into Balandra Bay, and its best kept spots.

Aventura - Balandra Beach Adventure
Aventura - Balandra Beach Adventure


The day begins at Balandra at 8 am. Depending on the tides and wind, we might begin with the kayaking or with the hike.

The hike is moderate, lasting between 2-3 hours, depending on the groups pase. During this time we will enjoy amazing views, while talking about the flora, fauna, and geology we encounter.

After the hike, we will head to Tecolote beach, where we will set up camp with shade and chairs to relax. Here we will also enjoy a delicious lunch, with ceviche and snacks. We will go kayaking and snorkeling at a rocky reef in Balandra (usually before the hike) with fish and colorful marine invertebrates. Our adventure will be finished at 3 pm, but we recommend our travellers to stay at the beach and enjoy the rest of the day.

Duration: 7 hours.

Requirements: Respect the rules of the protected natural area.

Difficulty: Intermediate.

Minimum number of participants: 2 persons.


  • Guide
  • Equipment (kayak, snorkel, life vest, etc.). Wetsuit only during winter.
  • Permits for the protected natural area.
  • Lunch, snacks, and soft drinks.

Not Included

  • Alcoholic beverages.
  • Land transportation. It can be hired.

You must bring

  • Ecofriendly suncreen (we have available, if you need to buy), and long sleeves.
  • Bathing suit, beach clothes, comfortable shoes for walking that can get wet, windbreaker during winter and spring and a towel.
  • Hat, sunglasses, and 1 L water bottle per person.


Price per person: MXN 2200




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Female Avatar

Beatriz Menéndez

Kayak , Snorkel and Hiking

Such a beautiful place! Simply imposing! The best experience! The guides were wonderful. The snorkeling experience was beautiful, I was able to swim to a little beach that fascinated me. The water is transparent blue. I saw turtles, birds, and many fish. I will definitely repeat the experience. Thank you

Male Avatar

Denys Rey Morales Salas

You don't really know Balandra until you take this tour!

We went on this tour after the arrival of Hurricane Norma in October 2023. From the moment we booked it, the service was excellent. I was able to communicate with the manager in less than half an hour, who provided all the information to address my initial doubts. They gave us a meeting time at Balandra at a very appropriate hour according to the demand. We arrived on time and were the first ones there, in a beautiful place with turbulent waters. The tour was incredible; our guides, Mauricio and Alberto, are amazing people, highly dedicated to the environment, sharing incredible facts about the place. The food was delicious and unforgettable.

Male Avatar

Ricardo Cesar Castellanos Mercado

Best way to know Balandra

The guides Fernando and Mauricio were incredible; they explained everything to us, and as marine biologists, they provided a wealth of details about everything we saw during the tour, elevating the experience to another level. They were very punctual and friendly.

The kayaking experience is the most amazing thing, the opportunity to be in the mangroves of Balandra, the views are incredible from there. The hike is an adventure in itself, from the spectacular views to the end with a delicious ceviche at Tecolote Beach.I highly recommend this tour!!

Male Avatar

Mariana González

Great Experience!

The kayak ride was awesome, the number of fish we saw while snorkeling, and the incredible views from the hike were my favorite part, without a doubt. A highly recommended experience!!

Points of Interest at Playa Balandra

Playa Balandra is a natural treasure filled with wonders, perfect for exploration and admiration. Each of the various sites that make up Balandra offers a unique and fascinating experience. They not only highlight the natural beauty of Playa Balandra but also stand as testimonies to the region's rich ecological diversity, inviting an adventure of discovery and appreciation

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Balandra mushroom rock

The Balandra Mushroom, an iconic rock over 3 meters tall in Baja California Sur, stands out for its unique mushroom-like shape, defying the laws of balance. It has withstood erosion and waves for thousands of years. Previously damaged, it has now been part of a Protected Natural Area since 1998 and a Flora and Fauna Protection Area since 2012, highlighting the importance of preserving this unique natural monument.

The intertidal zone of Playa Balandra

The intertidal zone of Playa Balandra is a unique ecosystem where the sea and land meet, changing with the tides. Here, marine life is abundant, ranging from crabs and mollusks to starfish and anemones, all adapting to the fluctuating environmental conditions. This place serves as a natural laboratory for observing species adaptation and as an indicator of the health of the marine ecosystem. Ideal for education and recreation, it offers visitors the opportunity to explore and learn about marine biology. The intertidal zone is not only vital for ecological balance but also serves as a reminder of the importance of preserving these unique marine environments.


The mangrove of Playa Balandra is a globally recognized natural treasure, not just for the beauty of its landscape but also for its vibrant mangrove forest. This ecosystem offers a unique experience, particularly for those who explore it by kayak through its labyrinthine channels.

The mangroves serve as a vital refuge for a multitude of species, and Balandra boasts 52.5 hectares of mangrove that are essential for the Protection of Flora and Fauna in the area.

The cliffs of Playa Balandra

The cliffs surrounding Playa Balandra offer breathtaking views, providing visitors with a unique perspective of this natural gem in Baja California Sur. These rocky elevations rise majestically above the crystal-clear blue sea, creating a spectacular visual contrast with the surrounding landscape.

From the top of these cliffs, one can appreciate the vastness of the Sea of Cortez, with its calm and clear waters reflecting the sky. The panoramic view includes the stretch of white sandy beach, the vibrant green of the mangroves, and the marine horizon, together composing a live postcard of nature at its finest.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Playa Balandra located?

Playa Balandra is situated in Baja California Sur, Mexico, within the Municipality of La Paz. It is part of a Protected Natural Area and can be accessed from La Paz in approximately a 30-minute journey.