Dive in La Paz

Scuba diving expedition in La Paz

Why dive in La Paz?

La Paz and the Sea of Cortez, are one of the most magical and unknown diving destinations of Mexico and the world. Diving with friendly sea lions, playing with their pups, and exploring ship wrecks are but a few of the wonders hidden at La Paz underwater world. Check here our diving spots.

Here, in Mexico Travel Adventure we are diving fanatics and we perfectly know what is needed to have a completely satisfying underwater experience. We just work with small groups because we don’t like crowded dives, and we want our divers to experience authentic, fulfilling adventures.

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Our diving expeditions in La Paz take place in such incredible places as wrecks, rocky reefs, and colonies of friendly sea lions. In addition, it is common to see sea turtles, mobulas, schools of fish and some marine invertebrates such as octopuses or nudibranchs. And sometimes, in the right places and with a little luck, we can see sharks, dolphins, diving cormorants, and giant manta rays.

Diving with sea lions is not allowed during their reproductive season (June, July, and august). We'll take you to other cool dive sites

Diving in La Paz is a unique experience!

Aventura - Dive in La Paz
Aventura - Dive in La Paz


The day begins at 8 am, when we meet at the marina to depart from La Paz. The closest diving site is around 40 minutes away, and the farthest one around 2 hours.

Depending on weather conditions and the wishes of the group, we will visit the sites with the most potential. Either after both dives, or in between them, we will stop at one of the many beautiful beaches of La Paz to enjoy a delicious lunch with shade, drinks, and local fresh food. We will return to La Paz at around 3 and 4 pm.

Duration: from 7 to 8 hours.

Requirements: Be certified in scuba diving or take the 1-day "Discovery" course.

Difficulty: Most of the dives are shallower than 20m, and the visibility and current vary throughout the year, however, they are not considered dives that require a lot of technical experience. We adapt to the level of the group.

Minimum number of participants: 3 people. In case of not reaching the minimum, we will connect you with one of our collaborators.


  • Trained guide and captain.
  • Tanks and boat insurance.
  • Permits for the protected natural area.
  • Water, lunch and beverages.
  • Safety equipment on the boat.
  • Tanks, weights, fins and mask

Not Included

  • Alcoholic beverages.
  • Wetsuit, BCD, regulator, divecomputer, lamp or buoys.
  • Diving Insurance

You must bring

  • Environmentally friendly sunscreen.
  • Diving certification.
  • Waterproof wind jacket and bathing suit.
  • Sun protection


Price per person: MXN 3700




Marius Carbonell del Hoyo

Unique experience

Our group of friends was delighted. The experience with sea lions was unforgettable!!! The boat that took us to the sea lion colony was very comfortable and fast. The lunch after the second dive was a spectacular Ceviche served on a completely pristine beach. Our dive guide was Andrea, a dive master and biologist, who explained in great detail all the questions we had about all the animals we saw, like having an encyclopedia on board!!

A 10 out of 10 experience!!

José Felix

Top expedition!!

Marvelous diving experience at Espiritu Santo Island. We did multiple dives with the Mexico Travel Adventure agency (who organized a week of tourism in La Paz for us, including hotel, excursions, and diving). Both Karen and Andrea were fantastic hosts. We dove with sea lions at their colony, visited two shipwrecks, explored a magnificent reef teeming with life in the 'Aquarium of the World.' And all the diving outings included a lunch where we enjoyed ceviche and burritos. We sailed with excellent captains on the pangas (speedboats) in small groups, creating a cozy and pleasant atmosphere.

Mauricio Ramirez

Perfect diving

Impeccable diving! We visited the sea lion colony and Fang Ming, a fascinating sunken ship with abundant marine life! I would definitely do it again. Highly recommended

Elia Medina Villalba

Simply incredible

An amazing experience. Guide Karen is delightful; you can tell she loves what she does and conveys it. The MTA company made things very easy. I will repeat with them. I recommend it 100%

Africa Almagro

Diving with sea lions

The overall experience was unbeatable.

One of the main reasons I embarked on my trip to La Paz was to enjoy diving and explore the depths of the Sea of Cortez.

Throughout the journey, I was accompanied by a team of professionals who helped me become familiar with the marine environment.

Diving Sites in La Paz

In La Paz, you can enjoy various diving spots, from sunken ships teeming with turtles to stunning coral reefs filled with fish and other marine invertebrates. However, the main attraction of diving in La Paz is the playful sea lions that inhabit Los Islotes.

Los Islotes

Depth: 5 - 30 meters

Level: Beginner

Los Islotes are the gem of La Paz diving sites, two islets at the northern tip of the Espiritu Santo archipelago, located 1.5 hours away from La Paz. In this area, you can encounter anywhere from 500 to 800 sea lions. Within Los Islotes, there are various routes to explore, catering to divers of all levels.

Swanee Reef

Depth: 12 meters

Level: Beginner

Swanee is our favorite reef for both beginners and advanced divers. Located in the San Lorenzo channel, it serves as a sanctuary for schools of sardines, barracudas, mackerels, snappers, sergeant majors, triggerfish, burros, grunts, and many others. It is also a special spot for observing nudibranchs, moray eels, garden eels, and octopuses.

Fang Ming Wreck

Depth: 21 meters

Level: Intermediate

One of the favorites, the Fang-Ming was part of a government project to create artificial reefs in Espiritu Santo. It sank in 1999 and is now a refuge for a multitude of species. In its 54 meters of length, you can often spot turtles, large groupers, and black coral. This ship has been adapted for exploring its interiors, making it a spectacular adventure filled with discoveries.

Salvatierra Wreck

Depth: 20 meters

Level: Intermediate

A ship that collided with the Swanee reef in 1976 sank to a depth of 20 meters in the San Lorenzo channel. This location makes it a refuge for many species; you can observe anything from giant pufferfish to amberjacks, all alongside the ship that is slowly being consumed by the ocean floor.


Depth: 19 meters

Level: Beginner

A sunken ship, part of the government project to create artificial reefs in Espiritu Santo. Donated by the American government, it is used as a refuge by various species of fish and invertebrates. Turtles are also frequently spotted at this site.

San Rafaelito

Depth: 12 - 25 meters

Level: Beginner

An excellent site near La Paz, home to a small group of sea lions, where you can observe a wide variety of reef fish, soft coral, sea lions, and it's particularly special for night dives to observe various invertebrates.

Punta Lobos

Depth: 10 - 30 meters

Level: Beginner

Former location of the main sea lion colony, it was abandoned over 30 years ago and is now a rocky reef where a wide variety of species can be observed. With a bit of luck, you may even see schools of mobulas feeding in the area.

El Bajo

Depth: 25 - 30 meters

Level: Advanced

A seamount located north of the archipelago. This site is exposed to strong currents and is suitable for advanced divers. Due to its location, with a bit of luck, you may encounter schools of hammerhead sharks during the spring and summer seasons.

La Reina

Depth: 15 - 30 meters

Level: Intermediate

An islet located at the northern tip of Cerralvo Island. This islet is frequented by giant manta rays during the summer months and is also a resting area for sea lions. It boasts a wide variety of species that can be enjoyed by intermediate and advanced divers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary to be certified in diving to join diving expeditions in La Paz?

No, you can do the Discover Scuba Diving with us, which will allow you to make a dive accompanied by an instructor.