Enjoy a unique kayaking experience in La Paz!

Kayaking with sea lions, in mangroves, rocky cliffs, or on crystal clear shores

Kayaking in La Paz is a unique experience in which you will enjoy a paradise of crystal and different shaded blue waters that will take your breath away. Our kayaks are double sit on tops and very stable, making your adventure a more enjoyable and accesible one.


La Paz is an ideal place for kayaking. Its location in a cove within a bay in the Gulf of California allows adventurers to enjoy calm and transparent waters.

There are several options for kayaking in La Paz.

You can choose between: kayaking with sea lions, kayaking in Balandra or Tecolote, kayaking in La Paz bay, or kayaking along the volcanic rock cliffs of San Juan de la Costa.

No matter which itinerary you choose, we guarantee that it will be an incredible experience that will not leave you indifferent. 

It is recommended to carry out the activity on days with little wind so that the physical activity is not very demanding.

Aventura - Kayak
Aventura - Kayak


You can choose from various routes: kayaking with sea lions, kayaking in Balandra or Tecolote, kayaking in La Paz and its bay, or kayaking along the volcanic rock cliff coasts of San Juan de la Costa.

Whichever itinerary you choose, we guarantee it will be an incredible experience that will leave a lasting impression.

It is advisable to undertake the activity on days with little wind to ensure the physical effort is not too demanding.

Lasts about 4 hours

Requirements: Know how to swim, and be in good physical condition.

Difficulty: Intermediate

Minimum number of participants: 2 people.


  • Guide
  • Snorkeling and kayaking equipment
  • Permits for the protected natural area.
  • Water, lunch and beverages
  • Wetsuit only during winter and spring

Not Included

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Land transportation

You must bring

  • Environmentally friendly sunscreen.
  • Swimsuit, and beach clothes.
  • Long sleeves, hat, and sunglasses.
  • A bottle of water to refill during the day


Price per person: MXN 1500




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Female Avatar

Beatriz Menéndez

Kayak and Snorkel

A stunningly beautiful place! Simply magnificent! The best experience! The guides were wonderful. The snorkeling experience was beautiful; I swam to a little beach that I absolutely loved. The water is crystal-clear blue. I saw turtles, birds, and many fish. I will definitely repeat this experience. Thank you.

Female Avatar

DIANA ELIZA Salazar Mendez

Excellent day

José was an expert and considerate tour guide. He maintained a perfect pace for kayaking, and the water was beautifully colored and very warm. Beachcombing and a picnic. Snorkel to see many tropical fish amidst coral. I highly recommend this half-day adventure.

Male Avatar


It's a must!

An excellent choice to explore the paradise of Balandra. Stunning views during kayaking and hiking. Guides Fernando and Mateo were knowledgeable and engaging at all times. I believe this was the best thing I did on my vacation in La Paz.

Male Avatar

Karla Guzmán Loza

Kayak in San Juan de la Costa

The experience was one-of-a-kind. Mateo, my guide, is a true expert of the area. The site is incredible; we saw many birds and also found a great spot for snorkeling. The cherry on top was the delicious baguette after a good paddle. I highly recommend this experience.


Discover the natural beauty of La Paz through our exhilarating kayak routes. Dive into unique adventures as you explore some of the region's most stunning wonders. From encounters with sea lions to the Tecolote to Balandra journey, each route promises an unforgettable experience along the turquoise coast. Observe birds in their natural habitat, snorkel in crystal-clear waters, and marvel at spectacular landscapes as you traverse distances from 5 to 14 km, depending on your chosen path. Whether at sunrise, sunset, or during the day, our kayak excursions in La Paz offer you the chance to connect with nature and experience unique moments in this gem of the Sea of Cortez. Get ready to paddle towards adventure!

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Kayaking with Sea Lions

We'll start our kayak journey from a turquoise-water beach, immersing ourselves in the stunning coastal scenery. Along the way, we'll encounter remarkable wildlife, including nesting birds and, with some luck, schools of mobulas, leaping fish, and dolphins. The highlight? An up-close experience with sea lions.

Departing at 9 am, it takes us about an hour to an hour and a half to reach the sea lion colony, depending on the weather. We'll then stop at a nearby beach for some snorkeling and a relaxing meal break. Our return journey will start around noon, wrapping up our 9 to 10 km expedition around 12 or 1 pm.

Kayaking from Tecolote to Balandra

Our adventure begins at 9 am at Playa Tecolote, kayaking towards the enchanting Balandra Beach. There, we'll discover the iconic Mushroom Rock, navigate through mangroves, visit pristine beaches, and snorkel over rocky reefs.

Our return journey will take us along the region’s majestic volcanic rock cliffs. This unique 9 to 10 km route promises an unforgettable kayaking experience.

Kayaking in the Bay of La Paz

This shorter kayak tour, perfect for sunrise or sunset, spans approximately 5 km. It's an ideal choice for a closer encounter with nature.

With a bit of luck, we might spot dolphins, especially in the mornings. Our destination is the other side of the Bay, where mangrove channels await us, alongside unique sights like sunken sailboats. We’ll have time for a relaxing meal and to enjoy the moment in this tranquil setting.

Kayaking in San Juan de la Costa

San Juan de la Costa, north of La Paz Bay, stands out with its dramatic coastal landscape, featuring cliffs and black sand beaches, a result of volcanic activity. This unique 12 to 14 km journey offers visitors a chance to appreciate the region's diverse landscapes.

In colder seasons, we’ll snorkel in shallow sargassum forests teeming with life, and in warmer times, swim among rocky reefs and coral patches. It’s an ideal spot for bird watching and a perfect getaway from the usual tourist spots, promising a special and unique adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the sea lion kayaking excursion include?

The sea lion kayaking excursion includes kayak rental, snorkeling equipment, an experienced guide, a snorkeling stop, and a light meal. Additionally, we offer the opportunity to observe sea lions in their natural habitat