Ocean Safari in La Ventana

Ocean Expedition in La Ventana and Cerralvo Island

Mobulas, Dolphins, Orcas, Whales and more!

La Ventana is traditionally known as one of the best sites in the world for kite surfing. However, in recent years, this amazing place has become popular along with Cerralvo Island (also known as Jacques Cousteau Island), for its mobula ray abundance during the months of march-june, and for its whales and dolphins transit.

July to December is also a great time to do this adventure since water temperature and visibility will make this day an amazing adventure. During the winter, whales transit in between the coast and the island, which serves as another great opportunity to encounter amazing marine life.

To sum it up, La Ventana and Cerralvo Island are a magical place where anything can happen during our ocean safaris.


The adventure begins in La Ventana, a village 40 minutes away from La Paz and takes approximately 6 hours. We will sail in our panga boat looking for all the marine life that the ocean want to gives us.

Get ready to swim with huge schools of mobulas, do snorkel with dolphins, and maybe even spot some whales also. With some luck, you will enjoy an unforgettable day!

This is an outdoor expedition focused on searching for marine life. Each day is unique, and nature is unpredictable; nothing can be guaranteed. Please note that we do not engage in the harassment of wildlife, and we always follow the best practices established by locals.

Aventura - Ocean Safari in La Ventana
Aventura - Ocean Safari in La Ventana


We will meet in La Ventana at 8 am, estimating the return of the expedition at approximately 2:30 pm.

We will navigate trough the channel between La Ventana and Cerralvo Island, and around the island too, waiting for the marine life that Sea of Cortez wants to give us. During the navigation, in addition to the sighting of the different species, your guide will inform you about the fauna that reside there and will give you all the necessary information to carry out the activity in a safe and responsible way.

Duration: 6-8 hours

Requirements: Good physical condition and experience in snorkeling.

Difficulty: It does not require much technical knowledge but it is physically demanding. Not recommended for children, or people who do not exercise regularly.

Minimum number of participants: 4 people.


  • Captain and guide
  • All fees
  • Soft Drinks and Lunch
  • Snorkel Equipment

Not Included

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Ground transportation. It can be hired.

You must bring

  • Ecofriendly sunscreen
  • Swimsuit, beach clothes, and a water and windproof jacket (specially for winter and spring)
  • Water bottle
  • Hat, sunglasses, and towel
  • Long sleeved shirt (for the sun, and the jellyfish)


Price per person: MXN 3000




Michele D'antino

A unique experience!

A unique and unforgettable experience. The task of finding marine life is very challenging, and the crew is expert at it. They made my dreams come true!

Elia Medina Villalba

Sperm Whale, dolphins and Whales

The location and activity were both spectacular. We saw a plethora of dolphins, and I had the opportunity to swim with them. We also saw sperm whales, which were impressive. Later, we ate on the boat at one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen (Playa Arena). Words fall short to describe what I experienced on this trip.

ximena corominas

La Ventana, 100% recommended

An incredible experience, we saw many dolphins, mobulas, a sea lion, and the best part was seeing a humpback whale with its calf. Mateo, our guide, was super nice and always attentive to us for anything, and our captain Carlos had the best sight, as he immediately recognized where the mobulas were. Thank you for everything and for such a beautiful day.

Julio César Enriquez

Cerralvo island paradise

My favorite part of the experience was swimming among hundreds of mobulas and feeling like I was part of a documentary, wow!

We also had the fortune of swimming among dolphins and observing a whale from the boat.

The guide María and the MTA team made all of this a great experience!!

What species can I find in La Ventana and Isla Cerralvo?

La Ventana and Isla Cerralvo are part of the world's largest natural aquarium, the Sea of Cortez, offering an unparalleled rich marine biodiversity, making them ideal destinations for observing wildlife in its natural habitat. There is a plethora of animals residing in this area, and the ones listed below are just some of the most common.

Mobula Rays

Mobula rays, also known as Munk's devil rays, belong to the Myliobatidae family. They are renowned for their spectacular leaps out of the water and their considerable size. These rays can be observed throughout the year, but it is during the months of May and June when they gather in massive schools of thousands, creating a breathtaking spectacle for onlookers.


Orcas, also known as killer whales, present a stunning spectacle in the waters of Baja California Sur. These majestic marine mammals, distinguished by their iconic black and white coloring, are the largest predators in the ocean, sitting at the top of the marine food chain. Contrary to their name, orcas are actually the largest species within the dolphin family. They are renowned for their social behavior and remarkable intelligence, often seen in groups of several individuals. Particularly during the months of May and June, orcas are observed in greater numbers as they gather to feed on the abundant Mobula rays present during this time.


Dolphins are one of the most common sightings on most of our safaris in La Ventana and Isla Cerralvo. In these waters, we can find various species of dolphins, among which the bottlenose dolphin and the common dolphin stand out. Our safaris offer visitors and local residents unique opportunities to observe these intelligent and playful marine mammals in the wild.

Sea Lions

California sea lions are one of the main tourist attractions in Baja California Sur. Their playful and social nature with visitors who venture into their territory has made them one of the region's top tourist draws. During our oceanic safaris in La Ventana, we can visit one of the many sea lion colonies in the area and delight in the company of these wonderful animals


Whale watching from the boat is one of the main attractions of La Ventana and Isla Cerralvo. The channel formed between these two points serves as a passage for a large number of whale species. Humpback whales, fin whales, blue whales, and sperm whales are just a few of the species that frequent these waters.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Time to Visit La Ventana and Isla Cerralvo?

Any time is a good time to embark on a safari in La Ventana. For observing mobula rays and orcas, the best period is from May to June, while the winter months are ideal for spotting large whales. From July to December, the conditions are perfect for enjoying the clear and warm waters.