Ocean Expedition in La Ventana and Cerralvo Island

Ocean Safari in La Ventana

Ocean Expedition in La Ventana and Cerralvo Island

Mobulas, Dolphins, Orcas, Whales and more!

La Ventana is traditionally known as one of the best sites in the world for kite surfing. However, in recent years, this amazing place has become popular along with Cerralvo Island (also known as Jacques Cousteau Island), for its mobula ray abundance during the months of march-june, and for its whales and dolphins transit.

July to December is also a great time to do this adventure since water temperature and visibility will make this day an amazing adventure. During the winter, whales transit in between the coast and the island, which serves as another great opportunity to encounter amazing marine life.

To sum it up, La Ventana and Cerralvo Island are a magical place where anything can happen during our ocean safaris.


The adventure begins in La Ventana, a village 40 minutes away from La Paz and takes approximately 6 hours. We will sail in our panga boat looking for all the marine life that the ocean want to gives us.

Get ready to swim with huge schools of mobulas, do snorkel with dolphins, and maybe even spot some whales also. With some luck, you will enjoy an unforgettable day!


This is an outdoor expedition focused on searching for marine life. Each day is unique and nature is nature, nothing can be guaranteed. Please note we don’t engage in harassment of wildlife.


As the activity has gained popularity, and since swimming with orcas is not regulated, there have been instances where the animals are being harrased for hours by many boats, and the activity done in an unsafe way. 

Locals of the area have agreed on good practices:

Not swimming with orcas if: 

- they are eating

- they are cruising at high speed

- are being followed by many boats 

- unsafe weather conditions


Swimming with orcas if:

- they are interested on us 

- moving slowly

- not being evasive

- safe weather conditions and few boats around


Swimming with whales is prohibited in Mexico.

Aventura - Ocean Safari in La Ventana
Aventura - Ocean Safari in La Ventana

We will meet in La Ventana at 8 am, estimating the return of the expedition at approximately 2:30 pm.

We will navigate trough the channel between La Ventana and Cerralvo Island, and around the island too, waiting for the marine life that Sea of Cortez wants to give us. During the navigation, in addition to the sighting of the different species, your guide will inform you about the fauna that reside there and will give you all the necessary information to carry out the activity in a safe and responsible way. 


Duration: 6-8 hours

Requirements: Good physical condition and experience in snorkeling.

Difficulty: It does not require much technical knowledge but it is physically demanding. Not recommended for children, or people who do not exercise regularly.

Minimum number of participants: 4 people.


  • Captain and guide
  • All fees
  • Soft Drinks and Lunch
  • Snorkel Equipment

Not Included

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Ground transportation. It can be hired.

You must bring

  • Sun block
  • Swimsuit, towel, and wind jacket
  • Land transportation


Price per person: MXN 3000


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