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Espiritu Santo Island

Espiritu Santo Island


Espiritu Santo Island is actually an archipielago, which means its a cluster of islands and islets. Since 2000 its considered a protected area, and since 2007 a national park. Additionaly, on 2005 it was declared by UNESCO a Natural World Heritage Site.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise since, apart from being a paradise full of wonderful turquoise beaches with white, fine sand, it is also a place with a high abundance of habitats, from land to aquatic ecosystems: it has sandy bottoms, rocky reefs, estuaries, bays, calcareous algae reefs, mangroves, among more. Each of these host a biodiversity of flora and fauna, resulting in such a wonderful place.

The island is known for its California sea lion reproductive colony, where during the months of september to may, adventurers are allowed to swim and sive with this friendly, highly curious pinnipeds. But this is not the only attraction. There are ship wrecks that function as artificial reefs. The most popular one, sunken in 1999, is called FanMing. This ship wreck, which has a maximum depth of 72 feet, is one of the favorite sites for divers who visit the island. It was adapted for scuba divers before being sunken, so its a fun dive that guides the divers through hallways and windows in a safe manner. Sea turtles are very commonly found resting on the remains, as well.

Another attraction of the island are its hiking trails, such as the ones located in El Embudo beach and El Candelero beach. These short hikes have beautiful views of the crystal blue beaches, and provide an excellent scenery to get familiar with the flora, fauna, and history of the island.

San Gabriel is another point worth visiting, being one of the most protected spots in the island. During the XX century, there was a famous pearl farm, and its remains now provide sactuary to a sea bird colony made up of frigates.

With us, Mexico Travel Adventure, you can have a full day of adventures in the island. From snorkeling or diving with sea lions, to hiking in the red rock formations, to having a delicious lunch in a paradise beach. Go to our social media to see more photos of this incredible place and book soon!

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