Nautilus Under Sea

The Nautilus Fleet's Legendary Vessel

With a rich history tied to marine research, the Nautilus Under Sea stands out as a gem among diving cruises. Its intimate and comfortable design makes it a top choice for numerous diving enthusiasts, providing all the amenities for an unparalleled maritime experience.


Renovated in 2018 and boasting an impressive length of 105 feet, this cruise was crafted with the utmost comfort for 9 passengers spread across 8 cozy cabins. It promises an unmatched experience with its spacious dive platform, a water-level area, outdoor space to soak in the marine ambiance, a relaxing hot tub to unwind after dives, an elegant dining area, comfortable lounging zones, and a bar. Additionally, internet access is available to keep you connected during your stay.

Aventura - Nautilus Under Sea
Aventura - Nautilus Under Sea


The Nautilus Under Sea embarks on various voyages from July to November across the Sea of Cortez, and from November to June around the Revillagigedo Archipelago. During these trips, guests have the opportunity to dive in locations like Socorro Island, San Benedicto, Roca Partida, and Punta Clarión. These sites offer an unparalleled underwater experience where you can encounter oceanic manta rays, vast schools of sharks, dolphins, and a diverse array of fish species. Contact us for more information!


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Maria Elena M

Perfect trip!

A journey I relished from start to finish! Every detail stood out: from the crew and delightful meals to the facilities, exhilarating dives, and stunning suites.

Williams Robert W

It truly was a life-changing experience

The vessel had all comforts and impeccable service. The crew was patient and attentive to every need. We felt incredibly safe aboard and finally got to swim among giant manta rays and dolphins!

Alejandra Canchola

A magnificent adventure on board!

I waited a long time for this trip, and it didn't disappoint. Every corner of the ship exudes comfort, perfect for relaxation post-dives. I thoroughly enjoyed diving and this wonderful week.

Yaser Bana Rodriguez

Great liveaboard

Having so many mantas and went even lucky with hammerheads. The crew was always friendly and helpful


The Nautilus Under Sea offers 8 cabins designed for maximum comfort, each equipped with a private bathroom and individually controlled air conditioning. The upper deck houses the exclusive Premium Suite, while the main deck features 6 double cabins. Additionally, the main deck hosts a comfortable triple cabin.

Triple Cabin

Located on the main deck, this cabin comes with 2 bunk beds, a private bathroom, shower, and storage within one of the bunks, accommodating up to 4 guests.

Double Cabin

The 6 cabins feature both upper and lower bunks, providing storage space, private bathrooms, showers, and, like all our rooms, adjustable air conditioning.

Premium Suite

A spacious room offering the choice between a queen bed or two singles, ideal for accommodating two guests. It features a private bathroom, large windows, TV, and ample storage space for your convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What features distinguish the Nautilus Under Sea?
The vessel stands out with its robust steel superstructure, stability system ensuring optimal navigation in high seas, and an expansive platform tailored for diving. Additionally, it offers relaxation areas, 9 cabins with private baths, a sun deck, and a cozy dining lounge.